Debugging – Pizza pickle

Monday’s computing activity is all about debugging.

Don’t know what a computer bug is? This BBC website gives a great explanation.

BBC Bugs

We will be using Scratch

Debugging objectives

The Scratch project that is being used today can be found by clicking on the picture below. Make sure you log in to the Y2 class account so that you can save your work.


Then there will be a bit of tinkering time!

Monday afternoon and it is a bit of Scratch and some blogging.

For our Scratch activity we are going to have a go at using this Scratch Script.

scratch activity

Then there is a blogging activity to move on to.

It will fit in to your biography writing.

Your job will be to write about 50 words (or more) about yourself. Remember, there is is a word counter at the bottom of the blog post page.

Think of things that make your writing interesting and the exciting things you get up to inside school as well as the activities you do outside of school.

It is important for e-safety that you don’t use your full name.