Build Your Wild Self and Kahoot!

Hello Y2!

Thursday is going to be a busy afternoon. We are going to be doing a bit of reading……….and then Build Your Wild Self and Kahoot!

Build Your Wild Self is great for building strange and unusual creatures that live in different habitats. If you would like to have a go before tomorrow afternoon then click on the picture below. (It is Flash based so to access this on iPads, iPhones and Androids  installing the Puffin browser will help), Any other device is fine with the website.

Screenshot 2015-11-25 at 16.50.23

Then we will be doing a habitat quiz using a fabulous tool called Kahoot! If you know anyone in Y3 ask them about it…..they are going Kahoot crazy!

We use Chromebooks (and iPads) in school. They are great, fast and inexpensive digital devices.  To find out a bit more, click on the chromebook link and although the pictures says “a new type of computer” I have had one for about four or five years.

Screenshot 2015-11-25 at 17.00.44

This year Father Christmas seems quite interested in Chromebooks so if any mums and dads would like to have a chat and perhaps see how they work , I’m in school on Friday afternoon so pop in and have a look and ask any questions I’ll do my best to answer them.

Mr Rafferty


Debugging – Pizza pickle

Monday’s computing activity is all about debugging.

Don’t know what a computer bug is? This BBC website gives a great explanation.

BBC Bugs

We will be using Scratch

Debugging objectives

The Scratch project that is being used today can be found by clicking on the picture below. Make sure you log in to the Y2 class account so that you can save your work.


Then there will be a bit of tinkering time!

Week 2 of Computing

Well done Y2 on last week’s computing activities.

Here is the Jam Sandwich Robot film.

This week we will be trying to write an algorithm for sharing lego bricks between, two, three and four people. It might take a little bit of thinking about!

We are also going to be doing a bit of tinkering and programming with Scratchjr. If you are not sure what these two words mean, have a look at this definitions.

Tinkering and Programming