Happy Half Term

First Half Term – ✔

Y2 have had a fantastic first half term & it is always a really turbulent one! Back to school butterflies, readjusting to the work load and the raised bar of work load from Y1-2. It is all a lot for a 6 year old to cope with, but I am delighted to say that all 30 of the little ones have settled in beautifully!

When we return to school, our class book will change to WANTED The Perfect Pet and we will be doing lots of pet related work in writing and other subjects. I popped a notice in the classroom window appealing for any soft toys that you would be happy to lend out for a few weeks. Our pop up pet shop is going to require some furry friends 🙂

Our Topic is changing to Britain and we will be learning about the royal family, Florence NIghtingale and British Values.

Have a great week off & I will see you on Monday for a fresh half term.

Mrs Lewis x 

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