Good morning Y2

Hello Y2!

I’m not in your class this afternoon because I’m in a city in California at the moment called Santa Clara. It is Sunday morning as I write this but if I was in Maghull it would 6pm.

My plane journey was quite long. I travelled from Manchester to Atlanta which took about nine hours.

I got off the plane in Atlanta, went through immigration control and then got on another plane to take me to San Francisco.

After I landed I then got a taxi to the hotel in Santa Clara.

This morning I got up and went for a run. An american football team called the San Francisco 49’s have their stadium outside the hotel…..but it isn’t as good as Anfield!

Here are some photographs of my journey so far.


Tonight we have an Intel reception so that all the teachers can meet with each other and then tomorrow starts with a visit to Intel’s Headquarters which is in the middle of Silicon Valley where there are lots of different techy companies based including Google.

I’ll let you know what happens next.

One thought on “Good morning Y2

  1. Hi Mr Rafferty. Your trip sounds very interesting. I have not been to Santa Carla but I have visited San Francisco and it is one of my favourite cities. Did you manage to get to the infamous Google offices? I look forward to hearing about your trip next time I bump into you.
    All the best
    Jay (Emma D’s dad)

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